Adi Shankaracharya’s Sivananda Lahari – Sanskrit Spiritual

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1. Guru Dyanam
2. Siva Dyanam
3. Sivananda Lahari
4. Vedasara Siva Stotram
5. (Tulasi Dasa) Rudrashtakam
6. Siva Dyana Mala
7. Mangalam
SIVANANDALAHARI the spiritual transmission of though waves towards the All Powerful Almighty Siva to please Him and derive the benefits of His auspicious powers. It is one of the best devotional Lyrics of Adi Sankara. It is full of figurative expressions with lucid words and appreciated by many men of wisdom. It is representing a good genre of literature pregnant with meanings and sentiments. It is an extraordinary specimen for the devotion to the Divine and an expositor of Narada’s Bhakti Suturas. This stotra defines Bhakti as the attraction of mind towards the tree; like the river towards the Ocean. It is ever increasing an experience able. Siva holds the golden mountain; Lord Kubera is at his command, the wish yielding Kalpaka, Kamadhenu and Chinthamani are in His abode. All auspicious things are at his feet. There is nothing to offer Him except our mind. Sankara confirms in this lyris that Bakti itself is Mukti. Meditating in Siva, Chanting prayers to Him, secure all the pleasures of life and bliss, The Prayer of the spiritually realized souls when recited imports the same spiritual experience on the devotees also. Sankara’s vedasara Sivastotram is the prayer capsule embedded with the essence of the Vedas which extols the Omnipotence, Omniscience, and Omnipresence of Lord Shiva. The rudrashtakam included by the devotee. Tulsidas in his Ramacharitmeans is analogical and a melting prayer to Lord Shiva.

This compact disc begins with Gurustuti and the Siva dhyana composed by Kalidasa. It contains Sivanada Lahari and Rudrashtaka. Siva Stotramala and Mangalam appended at the end is the collection of verses from Kalidasa, Saradotilaka and Pushpadanat. 

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