Agni Sahasranamavalli – Sanskrit Spiritual

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Agni is one of the most important of the Vedic gods. He is the god of fire, the messenger, antenna of the gods and the accept of sacrifice. Agni is in everyone’s heart and heart; he is the vital spark of life, and lives in all living things; he is the fire which digests food, as well as the fire which consumes the offerings to the gods. He is the fire of the sun, in the lightning bolt, and in the smoke column, which holds up the heavens. The stars are sparks from his flame. “I praise Agni, the priest of the house, the divine Ministrant of sacrifice, the invoker, the best bestower of treasure, No god indeed, no mortal is beyond the might of thee, the mighty one. Says the Rig Veda. He has the power of influencing the face of each man. He is the dispeller of darkness and the malevolent spirits. Such is the greatness of Agni.

For the first time, this Sahasranama is brought to light, culling all the vibrations from the Vedas. Listening to this CD will fetch the desired fruits from any deity invoked through haven/ home etc. It is really a boon gifted by Prof.Thiagarajan, Head of the Dept of P.G.and Research Dept. of Sanskrit, Presidency College. He has rendered this Sahasranama in a spiritual tune along with his colleague Prof.P.S.Raghuraman. The music has been composed by the Carnatic Veena Specialist Mr.S.Venkatesan. Mr. Guru on key board gives added support. 

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