Ayurvedic Chants – Gayatri Chanting – Sanskrit Spiritual

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1. Gayatri
2. Shankatanashana Stotram
3. Adityahridayam
4. Mritasanjeevani Stotra
5. Mriyunjaya Gayatri
6. Mrityunjaya Mantra
7. Kali Gayatri
8. Dhavantri Gayatri
9. Sri Sarabha Gayatri
10. Sarabheswara Ashtakam
11. Navagraha Mangalam
12. Haunmad Bhujangam
Practical spirituality and health are part of the traditional Indian approach to effecting cures. Mantra is mentioned along with medicine in the cure of diseases. The imbalance of humours which is identified as the cause of disease is connected with the disha¬rmonies in the person’s approach to life. Mantras play a great plart in establishing peace and calm in the mind and paving the way for good mental and physical helath. A pure mind coupled wih repetition or hearing of the mantras in this album will create strength and vigour. The hymns and mantras intoned in the right diction and correct Sanskrit pronunciation have been traditionally found to bestow helth. The Gayatri, the sheetanchor of Vedic mantras, in the sunlit path to make one’s life successful and healthy. The Aditya Hridayam, found in the Valmiki Ramayana gave Sri Rama the strength to conquer Ravana. Its repetition brings health, longevity and victory in one’s endevours. Powerful mantras like the Mriyunjaya Gayatri, Mrityunjaya Mantra, Kali Gayatri, Dhavantri Gayatri, and Sarabha Gayatri are time-honoured paths to strength, well-being and peace. The spiritual vibrations of the mantras in this album will help you make the best of your life by conferring vigour and vitality on you. 

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