Daily Prayers – Sanskrit Spiritual

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Sanskrit hymns and mantras have the special power of conferring divine blessings. They emanate light, consciousness and power as the roots of Sanskrit words derive from deeper truth. “Daily Prayers” has been specially culled to confer the blessings of a successful life on you. The album brings with an exquisite hymn to Srinivasa, the Lord of the Seven Hills, set in the dawn raga. The divine names of the Lord Creat auspicious vibrations everywhere. The two syllabled Rama Naama is a potent mantra the enabled Hanuman perform superhuman feats. It transformed the hunter Valmiki into an epic poet and made Thyagaraja the king of eternal melodies. The sweet notes of the Rama mantra you hear in this album will be your protective armount. It will stir you to great endeavours and successes. The Mahalakshmi Mantra and the Hayagreeva Gayatri confer wealth and wisdom. The Soorya Suprabatham ensures health, wealth and victory. The Purusha Sooktha is a great Vedic hymn that describes Lord Narayana. The potent Vedic vibrations of this hymn will prove the spiritual sheet anchor of your life. It will help you manifest the divine power latent in your heart. The Vedic benediction calls upon the gods to shower our lives with divine blessings. You can feel them in this album.

1. Sriman Narayanan
2. Mahalakshmi Mantra
3. Om Sri Ramaya Namaha
4. Sri Hayagreeva Gayatri
5. Soorya Suprabatham
6. Lakshmi Narasimha Mantra
7. Sri Krishna Mahima
8. Vandheham
9. Purusha Suktam
10. Hanumad Pancharatnam 

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