Dhanvantri Pooja – Sanskrit

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Health is wealth. The Seeker of both is to seek the grace of Sri Dhanvantri, the Vedic deity. He is the master of Universal knowledge. He is said to be a divine incarnation of Lord Vishnu. Dhanvantri sprang out form the milky ocean when it was churned by Gods, holding in his hand, a pot containing nectar. He is the teacher of medical science and Ayurveda is attributed to him. He takes birth and when humanity suffers with diseases. He cures the diseases when an appeal is made to him through prayers.

Hence this Compact Disc contains the unique production if Dhanvantri Pooja, with a special and rare Maha Sankalpa. The following are the contents: DHANVANTRI GAYATHRI, DHANVANTRI DHYANAM, POORVANGA POOJA VISHWAKSENA POOJA, and DHANVANTRAI PRADHANA AND DHANVATRI PRADHANA POOJA.

These are recited in a trational style by Dr.R.Thiagarajan and his team consisting Sri.P.S.Raghuraman, Sri Chandra Mouli and Sriram, under the guidance of the Music Director Sri Manikka Vinyagam.

1. Dhanvantri Gayathri
2. Dhanvantri Dhynam
3. Poorvanga Pooja
4. Vishwaksena Pooja
5. Dhanvantri Pradhana
6. Dhanvantri Pradhana Pooja 

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