Divine Pancharatthnas and Bhujangas – Sanskrit Spiritual

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1. Sri Mahaganesa 1 Pancharathna
2. Sri Mahaganesa 2 Pancharathna
3. Sri Dakshinamurthy Pancharathna
4. Sri Amba Pancharathna
5. Sri Paduka Pancharathna
6. Sri Lalitha 1 Pancharathna
7. Sri Lalitha 2 Pancharathna
8. Sri Durga Pancharathna
9. Sri Meenakshi Pancharathna
10. Sri Ayyappa Pancharathna
11. Sri Hanuman Pancharathna
12. Sri Ganesha Bhujangam
13. Siva Bhujangam
14. Devi Bhujangam
15. Sastha Bhujangam
16. Sri Rama Bhujangam
17. Hanuman Bhujangam
Sound plays a vital role in balancing the forces of the body and mind. Pleasant combinations of the sounds and the judicious couching of meters create the spell; the vibration thus created consoles the soul, rejuvenate the mental process and activate the right nerves to the right nerves to the right point. This in turn creates an invisible joy, Pleasure and a healthy mind and body; apart from getting the Divine grace, when directed towards the Angelsor Gods. Here are the “FIVERATNAS” popularly called thus, due to its brilliant effect and Bhujangas, which are set in “Bhujangaprayata” meter gliding like a serpent intended for melodious spell.

This compact disc contains Sri Mahaganesa Pancharathna, Sri Mahaganesa 2 Pancharathna, Sri Dakshinamurthy Pancharathna, Sri Amba Pancharathna, Sri Paduka Pancharathna, Sri Lalitha 1.Pancharathna, and Sri Lalitha 2. Pancharathna, Sri Durga Pancharathna, Sri Meenakshi Panacharathna, Sri Ayyappa Pancharathna, Sri Hanuman Pancharathna, Sri Ganesa Bhujangam, Siva Bhujangam, Devi Bhujangam, Sastha Bhujangam, Sri Rama Bhujangam, Sri Rama Bhujangam, Hanuman Bhujangam. 

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