Gayatri Mantra – Sanskrit Spiritual

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Meaning of The Gayathri Mantra
1. Aum — Brahma
2. Bhoor – Embodiment of Vital Spiritual Energy (Pran)
3. Bhuvah – Destroyer Of Sufferings
4. Swaha – Embodiment Of Happiness
5. Tat – That
6. Savitur – Bright Like Sun
7. Varenyam – Best Choicest
8. Bhargo – Destoyer Of Sins
9. Devasaya — Divine
10. Dheemahi – May Imbibe
11. Dhiyo — Intellect
12. YO — Who
13. Naha — Our
14. Prachodayat – May Inspire
In the name Gayatri itself, there is the assertion of its impact — the mantra is one that protects the person who chants it and hears its changing. The potent vibrations of the Gayatri have helped millions of Hindus live life in the light of truth, goodness and victory. It is the light of truth, goodness and victory. It is the inner light of the individual that shows the way through the journey of life, and regular hearing of the Gayatri makes the light glow luminously. In this album, you have the authentic Vedic chanting of the Gayatri by acclaimed pundits, to keep you company all though your life. ‘O Lord, who shines in the Sun and in all the worlds, guides me to my resplendent destiny’. 

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