Hanuman Sahasranamavalli – Sanskrit Spiritual

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God has never failed to respond to the sincere appeal for help and protection made by men with faith and hope. He gets Himself” “bound” by their devotion and lavishes His grace on them. In this regard, worship of Subrahmanaya is effective, as he possessed the divine nature, super human personality, celibacy, humility, selflessness, devotion, determination, and fearlessness. Hanuman lives in the hearts of people through his Exemplary devotion and surrender to God. Physically he is endowed with unlimited powers. Observing his devotion to Rama, Sita blessed him with immortality (chiranjeev) to help the loyal devotees of Rama.

People believe that he is very much alive on earth and pray to him for courage and confidence, freedom from sorrow, for protection against evil spirits and bad luck. Hanuman is a terror to evil forces. Siva blessed him with enormous divine powers. Nandi taught Hanuman all the Veda and the Scriptural knowledge. 

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