Harekrishna Meher – Immortal Sanskrit

O Sanskrit !
The universal divine language
on the Indian soil, well-writ,
the symbol of our cultural heritage,
manifesting Truth, Auspiciousness and Beauty
for all time to come in reality.

Adored through the ages
in the speculations of the sages,
eternal are thy contributions
to the world transcending dissolutions.
Thy peerless purifying power
gladdens the mankind with honeyed shower.

The wise call thee the language sacred.
Thou art the mother of languages,
for sooth the fountain-head,
the most scientific,
authoritative and systematic,
when someone verily envisages.
All over the world thy form has spread
surmounting all the hindrances of dread.

With thy grace from every side
let noble thoughts come to us.
Long live our humanistic pride,
the Indian culture glorious.
Thy all-encompassing view
verily scintillates always new.

Of national and global integration
Thou art the media,
the indelible index of India,
the receptacle of civilization.
O Sanskrit !
the literature of immortal merit,
as modern as ever
an ambrosial river
beneficial to the entire world,
bearing the precious values of life unfurled.

Harekrishna Meher


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