Healing Chants – Adithya Hrydayam – Sanskrit Spiritual

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The Vedic religion, popular known as Hinduism, helps people live a life a fulfillment through manifold spiritual insights embodied in mantras and sacred hymns. Hinduism looks upon the body and life on earth as the expression of divinity and teaches us the art of expanding the horizons of our consciousness. The mantras in this album, recited by authoritative Sanskrit scholars, put us directly in the current of divine vibrations. Tap the pristine fountains of the Gayatri mantra, the supreme prayer for light and direction from the Supreme Intelligence called God, and you have the guaranteed key to health, peace, power and prosperity. Aditya Hridayam, the great hymn addressed to Surya, the sun god, which helped Lord Rama himself in the culminating duel of the Ramayana is a proven chant for success in every sense for everyone. The Purusha Sukta hymn again ensures all round happiness and well-being. Mantras pertaining to Dhanvantri, the divine physician who brings the knowledge of good health, are again assured ways of achieving healing. Powerful mantras of Sudarshana, the discus of Mahavishnu and the very repository of the Lord’s power, Narasimha, the man-lion incarnation of Mahavishnu, and of Lord Siva, whose very name spells auspiciousness, and other Upanishadic taxts are time-honoured measures to achieve health, wealth and success. A Healing Album.

Gayatri Mantra – Prof Thiagarajan & Sanskrit Scholars
Sri Guru Stuti – Prema Rengarajan
Surya Gayatri & Kavacham — Prof.Thiagarjan & Sanskrit Scholars
Aidtya Hridyam – Prof.Thiagarjan & Sanskrit Scholars
Purusha Sukta – Prof.Thiagarjan & Sanskrit Scholars
Dhanvantri Gayatri -Prof.Thiagarjan & Sanskrit Scholars
Sudarshana Mantra -Prof.Thiagarjan & Sanskrit Scholars
Sudarshana Kavacham -Prof.Thiagarjan & Sanskrit Scholars
Sri Lakshmi Narasimha Mantra -Prof.Thiagarjan & Sanskrit Scholars
Shiva Stuti -Prema Rengarajan
Mrityunjaya Mantra -Prof.Thiagarjan & Sanskrit Scholars
Bhadra Suktam -Prof.Thiagarjan & Sanskrit Scholars
Gana Paatam -Prof.Thiagarjan & Sanskrit Scholars 

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