Mahashivaratri Pooja – Ghanta Puja – Sanskrit Spiritual

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1. Achamanam
2. Pranayamam
3. Vigneshwara Puja
4. Mahasankalpam
5. Kalasa Puja
6. Ghanta Puja
7. Aavahanam
8. Sri Rudra Abhisekam
9. Upacharam
10. Sri Rudra Trishati Archana
11. Naivedyam
12. Karoora Arati
13. Mantrapushpam
During the month of Phalgun, i.e. February –March, on the 14th night of the new moon, millions of devotees of Lord Shiva celebrate the holiest night of the year, Mahashivarathri.Observed both as a discipline and also as a festival, devotees observe this auspicious occasion by keeping a strict fast and staying awake throughout night. They venerate the Lord through meditation and also by chanting his name, singing his praises, intoning “Shri Rudram” and by pouring holy water on the Shiva Linga. (Abhisheka)

Once in mount Kailas, Parvati asked Shiva, “O Venerable Lord! Which of the many rituals observed in thy honour doth please thee most?” To this, the Lord replied, “It is Shivarathri”.It is believed that worshipping Shiva on this day bestows prosperity, inner peace and power that all human beings aspire to attain in their path to ultimate salvation.

To facilitate the devotes who desire to perform the rituals on Shivarathri, Dr.R.Thiagarajan, Professor & Head of the P.G.& Research Dept. of Sanskrit, Presidency College, Chennai along with his team of Vedic pundits, Chadramoulee, Karthik and Sriram, have rendered the audio version of the Pooja performed on Mahashivarathri. Mr.Gurunath has provided the musical support under the guidance of the music director Mr.S.Venkatesh. 

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