Meenakshi Pancharatnam – Ancient Chants – Sanskrit Spiritual

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1. Guru Dhyanam
2. Swetharka Ganapathi Mantra
3. Pancha Shanti
4. Purusa Suktam
5. Sri Lakshmi Namavalli
6. Bhagavad Gita Chapter XI ( The Cosmic Form)
7. Meenakshi Pancharatnam
8. shymala Dandakam
9. Sri Amba Navamanimala, Saraswathi Mangala
10. Sri Lakshmi Mangalam
The Soundless Para Brahman becomes the Sabda Brahman (the Supreme Lord of the manifested world) when the phenomenal world comes into being. When the aspirant worships the Lord through chants and mantras prescribed by the ancient texts, he reaps the rewards of a fulfilling life and ultimately becomes one with the undifferentiated illumining self. The rhythmical vibrations of chants and mantras regulate the unsteady vibrations of the sheaths of the worshipper and transform him. From the chants and mantras arise the forms of the gods worshipped through them. In this valuable album a judicious mix of Vedic and post Vedic chants and hymns are presented to the aspirant. The Swetharka Ganapti Mantra, the Panchashani, and Purusha Suktham are full of strengthening Vedic vibrations. Chapter XI of the Bhagaved Gita presentation the words of Lord Krishna, Himself the supreme Avatar, the Cosmic from of God. The ‘Lakshmi Namvali’ (wealth happiness, victory) Meenakshi Pancharatnam (freedom from fear, peace, and happiness) Shyalma Dandakam, (wisdom, mastery over arts) and Amba Navamanimal (divine protection, victory one-pointed devotion to god) are divine hymns resonating with mantric syllables that bless aspirants with all auspiciousness. Ancient Chants is a valuable treasury of divine mantras and hymns. 

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