Mooka Pancha Sathi – Sanskrit Spiritual

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This is an extra ordinary devotional hymn sung in praise of Goddess of Kanchi in five sections each one containing a centered of verses: by Mooka Kavi(396-436AD).

Arya Sataka, Stuti Sataka, Paadaravinda Sataka, Kataaksha Sataka and Mandasmitha Sataka are the five sections where Mooka Kavi a dumb turned poet by the grace Goddess Kamakshi’s smiles, her sidelong glances, her lotus feet and so forth.

Listening to these sacred verses is considered to bestow the enormous spiritual powers of learning, capacity of speech and prosperity. Selected verses are rendered in spiritual tune by Thanjavur S.Radha Krishna Sastrigal.

SUPER AUDIO (MADRAS) PVT LTD., the producers of this compact disc wish all the listeners a prosperous and pleasant life, and to attain the aspired knowledge and powers. 

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