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Mananat –trayte it Mantra” — By the manana (contemplating) of which one is protected is mantra. A Mantra, is so called because it is achieved by the mental process. A mantra is divinity encased within a sound structure. It is divine power manifesting in a sound body. The Mantra is itself Devata.

A Moola Mantra is the combination of Bija Aksharas i.e., seed letters. It is a very powerful Mantra. Every Devata has his or her own Moola Mantra. Repetition of any Moola Mantra is Japa. In this age, practice of Japa is effective and can give eternal prosperity, peace, bliss and immortality. Doing Japa after the dhyanais good. Dhyana is meditation on the front of the Lord. During the performance of japa of a particular deity, the picture of the deity comes before our mind. Therefore japa and Dhyana go together.

Sounds are vibrations, Repetition of a Mantra has a mysterious power of bringing about the manifestation of the Divinity, just as the splitting of an atom manifests the tremendous forces latent in it. When a particular Mantra appropriated to a particular God is properly recited, the vibrations so set up create in the higher planes a special form which that God ensouls for the time being to fulfill the aspirations of the devotees.

In this compact disc some of the important Moola Mantras are recited to facilitate proper diction of pronouncing the mantras. These are recited by Dr.R.Thyagarajan, Prof. of Sanskrit Presidency College, Chennai, along with his team sri.P.Raghuramam and Sri Shanmukha Sundaram supported by Manikkavinayagam, the Music Director. 

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