Mrytunjaya Mantra – Unni Krishnan – Sanskrit Spiritual

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1. Om A Salutation to God , the ultimate HIM
2. Bhoor The eternal
3. Bhuvam The Creator
4. Svah The Independent
5. Tat Eternal
6. Savithur Sun as the Creative Principle of light
7. Varenyam Supreme God
8. Bhargo Light that bestows wisdom, Bliss and life
9. Devasya Light of God
10. Dheemahi We Mediate
11. Dhiyo Intellect
12. Yo Nah Lead us
13. Prachodayaat Towards Illumination
Wonderful Human Welfare Formulae
Mantras are the mystical formula discovery by our ancient Scientist (Rishis) to invoke cosmic energy for the welfare of humans to enjoy a pleasant and peaceful stay on this earth. Amongst all the Mantras the Gayatri Mantra, which is supposed to be the discovery of the sage Vishvamitra is head high for its unfailing efficacy. It summons the deity Savita, the prime-cause of this entire cosmos, the nucleus of the Sun and the energizer of the Solar system. The term “Gayatri Mantra” connotes the guaranteed protection to those who think of it, pronounce it and mediate upon it, ‘we mediate on the adorable effulgence of the lord of all creations, so that it may energize our consciousness.’ This is the central verbal idea of the Mantra. It is in essence, a mystical formula couched in Vedic Gayatri meter with an order of sound or tune, and its repetition has a primary and a greater value than the actual meaning of the ideas in it. Hearing of the repetition of this sacred Mantra bestows good health prosperity, success in life, wisdom and the divine beatitude. Divine incarnations like Rama, Krishna the spiritual seers like Vishvamitra, Yajanvalkya, -to mention a few, and all those who wield the divine and yogic powers, have downloaded the divine energy by reciting this Mantra form the infinite source Gayatri, the mother principle and attained the greatest benefits.

Mrtynjaya is Shiva as Conqueror of the Death. His mantra is “om jum sah’. ‘Sah jum Om”-is its cyclic finish. The bija (the seed syllable) is Om. The Shankthi is jum (Parashakthi), the lynchpin is Sah. The Seer of this mantra is Maha Chama Pada. The meditation and recitation of this powerful Mantra, removes diseases destroyer enemies bestows happiness fulfills aspirations, gives success and saves the life on the threshold of death.

This CD contains the divine vibrations of these Mantras rendered in scientific tunes by the popular singer Sri Unnikrishnan, guided by Dr.R.Thigarajan, M.A., PhD the Head of
the Postgraduate and Research Dept, of Sanskrit, Presidency College, and Chennai. The famous music director Dhina, scores the credit for musical feat. 

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