Navagraha Gayatri Mantra – Sanskrit Scholars

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Om Bhaskaraaya Vidmahe Mahatdhyutikaraaya Dheemahi Thanno Aditya Prachodayaat.
Om Sheetapradhaaya Vidmahe Shodashakalaaya Dheemahi Thanno Soma Prachodayaat.
Om Angaarakaaya Vidmahe Bhoomibaalaaya Dheemahi Thanno Kuja Prachodayaat.
Om Budhagrahaaya Vidmahe Indhuputraaya Dheemahi Thanno Sowmya Prachodayaat.
Om Suraachaarayaaya Vidmahe Sureashresthaaya Dheemahi Thanno Guru Prachodayaat.
Om Rajathaabhaaya Vidmahe Bhrigusuthaaya Dheemahi Thanno Suruka Prachodayaat.
Om Sanaischaraaya Vidmahe Chaayaaputraaya Dheemahi Thanno Mahda Prachodayyat.
Om Shukadantaaya Vidmahe Ugraoopaaya Dheemahi Thanno Raahu Prachodayaat.
Om Chitravarnaaya Vidmahe Saraparoopaaya Dheemahi Thanna Kethu Prachodayyat.

The Gayatri is the most powerful of Vedic Mantras…. the supreme boon given by the sages to those who want to follow the path of the spirit because only the spirit can give fulfillment. It is the experience of seers that the very sound of the Gayatri can save one from dangers. On the authority of the great work, the Suta Samhita, one can say that he who chants the Gayatri regularly attains all his desires. The Gayatri mantra connected with various deities give particular results and siddhis. The Navagraha Gayatri is a potent mantra to maximize the good results given by the planets and to ward off their malefic influences. The constant sravana (attentive hearing) of the mantra as rendered by traditional pandits in this album makes success one’s lot. 

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