Navagraha Kavacha Mantras and Pooja – Sanskrit Spiritual

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1. Sri Vighneshwara Lagu Pooja
2. Navagraha Pooja
3. Sri Soorya Gayathri and Kavacham
4. Sri Chandra Gayathri and Kavacham
5. Sri Angaraha Gayathri and Kavacham
6. Sri Budha Gayathri and Kavacham
7. Sri Brahaspthi Gayathri and Kavacham
8. Sri Sukra Gayathri and Kavacham
9. Sri Sanaischara Gayathri and Kavacham
10. Sri Raagu Gayathri and Kavacham
11. Sri Kedhu Gayathri and Kavacham
12. Mangalam
The Navagraha Pooja is important as the planets are considered to play a major role in deciding the destiny of man. All the nine grahas (planets) have the vital role to give us Pleasure or pain in life. In astrology, great importance is placed on the positions of the “Navagraha” in the twelve constellations of the zodiac, their planetary movements and their effect on human beings. A particular “graham” are said to remove the ill effects. Lord Surya was worshipped by Lord Rama before the war against Ravana. His grace is believed to lead to power, position, good health and so on. Chandra’s grace is required for the health of mind and consequently the body. The “Rasi” in a horoscope is decided by the position of the moon, just as the “Lagna” is ruled by the Sun. Lord Angaraka, is the moulder of leaders of countries. He graces those who stand up for truth. Lord Buddha is the giver of Wisdom. He imparts knowledge and beauty, prayers to Lord Guru can alleviate the suffering brought about by adverse positioning of any of “Grahas”. Guru is the Lord of the Devas associates with wisdom, Vedanta jnana, and purity of thought, word and deed. Fortunate beings are those with Lord Sukra strong in their horoscope. Sukra is proficient in all the Sastras. He can even bring the dead back to life. Sanaischara is a beneficient “graham” Any adverse effect is due to placement in an individual horoscope which could overcome by worshipping him. Rahu and Kethu, also do a let good. 

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