Navagraha Shanti Mantras – Sanaischara Preethi – Sanskrit

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1. Sri Ganesha Dhyanam
2. Navagraha Dhyanam, Gayathri Stothram and Soundarya Lahari
3. Navagraha Dhyanam Contd
4. Guru Preethi (Guru Ashtakam)
5. Sanaischara Preethi
6. Navagraha Prathanai
People at times struggle in life despite their hard work and good deeds. The reason behind this, is said to be the unfavorable position of the planets permanently or transitorily one’s own horoscope, planets, no doubt, have the direct influence on the human beings according to he ancient astrophysicists like varahamhira. At the same time our ancestors, after through research, had found out the method of appeasing the adverse influence of the planets through sound waves i.e. Mantras, Sanskrit being the divine language more sharp to establish connection with the ethereal religion, the Mantras chandted in that language has doubtless efficacy. The stotras too have the power of healing. Both the mantra and the stotra are like the virus scanner of the mind and physique both in the micro and macrocosmic body of the universal! The listening and the chanting of the Mantras and Stotras, therefore, removes all ills of human beings due of the power of vibrating spells, and paves way for a happy life of peace. Pleasure and prosperity!

With this in view, here is a unique presentation of Navagraha Shanthi Mantras, introduced for the fist time. Being judiciously and effectively compiled by Dr.R.Thiagarajan the head of the post graduate and research department of Sanskrit presidency college, Chennai , and being sung with phonetic perfection by Mrs.Anuradha Krishnamurthy, a traditional carnatic musician under the guidance of Mr.V.R.Manikka Vinayagam a reputed Music Director.

This compact disc being with a prayer to Lord Vinayaka (the remover of obstacles) and each planet is meditated upon with a Dhyana followed by the Gayathri Mantra of the respective planet in its sequence.

The most suitable Soundaraya Lahari hymn of Adi Sankara, which is intended to appease the planet respectively, has been included, which is among the special features of this disc. As the Jupiter and the Saturn have the noticeable impact on us on their transit zodiac, a special attention has been given to both of them. Hence this disc includes in it the famous “Guru Ashtakam” of Adi Sankara tuned melodiously and the Ashtottara chanting of Sanaischara. The prayer for all the plantes put together forms the climax and concludes the Disc. 

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