Om Arunachaleswaraya Namaha – Sanskrit Spiritual – Lord Shiva

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Arunachala, the holy hill of Tiruvannamalai in Tamil Nadu is a spiritual focus of the world. One of the oldest geological formations, the hill has a hoary tradition of attracting great souls seeking the truth of existence. Over the centuries, Arunachala, ‘the hill of dawn’, has become the way, the light for those in quest of spiritual sustenance. Sri Ramana Maharishi, who sought the hill immediately after his life-changing ‘death-experience’, has said that Arunachala is a hill of spiritual light. Today, millions go round the hill during the full-moon days in the hope that it will quench their spiritual thirst. The chant of Arunachala will put the Light where it belongs…. Your heart. That is the light that illumines all other lights. 

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