Prayers and Mantras – Soorya Gayathri – Sanskrit Spiritual

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1. Ganesha Dhyanam
2. Ganesha Dhyanam
3. Soorya Gayathri & Kavacham
4. Hayagriva Gayathri
5. Sri Lakshmi Hayagriva Dandakam
6. Durga Abhadhudharana Stotram
7. Dhyanam
8. Bhagavadswaroopam Mahatmiyam
9. Narasimhashtakam
10. Runavimochana Narasimha Stotram
11. Dasavathara Stotram
12. Yajnavalkya Stotram, Isavasya Opanishad
13. Raasakreeda
14. Hanuman Gayathri
15. Hanuman Bhujangam
Higher meanings become name of the powers of our mind, names of the qualities of our soul, and names of the divine powers that lead us. The mantras, prayers and deities which activate these names are powerful rays of light that show us the way towards fulfillment. Ganapati gives us triumph in our undertakings and confers wealth. Soorya bestows health, strength and victory. Lakshmi Hayagreeva, the horse-headed deity gives knowledge and wisdom and wealth. Durga crushes opposition and Narayana gives beauty and ecstacy. There are verses which ward off debts. Hanuman shows the truth of life, and gives victory in all enterprises. The mantras and prayers in this album have been selected by scholars and rendered in the right diction. They are a potent array full of divine vibrations. 

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