Prayers For Children – Anjaneya Stuthi – Sanskrit Spiritual

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1. Shri Guru Stuthi
2. Ganesha Stuthi
3. Shiva Stuthi
4. Shanmugha Stuthi
5. Narayani Stuthi
6. Lakshmi Stuthi
7. Saraswathi Stuthi
8. Vishnu Stuthi
9. Havagriva Stuthi
10. Rama Stuthi
11. Krishna Stuthi
12. Navagraha Stotrani
13. Garuda Stuthi
14. Anjaneya Stuthi
Reciting Slokas is a simple way of worshiping and invoking the blessings of the Hindu pantheon of Gods. The imperatives of the techno-age leave little time for the youth to learn the slokas in the traditional Gurukula way — master in direct interaction with students teaching Slokas though “CALL AND RESPONESE METHOD’. This audio compact disc titled “LISTEN & LEARN PRAYERS FOR CHILDREN” is an essay in teaching slokas employing the best Gurukula form of “CALL AND RESPONESE METHOD”. Aspirants can learn the slokas at their convenience and leisure in their social enviorence without any logistical constrains. 

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