Roginivarika Surya Satakam – Rashmivarnam – Sanskrit Spiritual

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1. Surya Gayatri
2. Rashmivarnanam
3. Asva Varnanam
4. Arunavarnanam
5. Suryaratha Varnanam
6. Mandalavarnanam
7. Suryanarayana Stuti
8. Phalasruti
9. Akshi Upanishad
10. Surya Mangalam
There is no peace without the grace of God, and there is no grace of God without Prayer. Undoubtedly, prayer requires a living faith in God. Prayer should be an integral part of the healing process.

The Surya Sataka is a “centad” of stanzas glorifying Sun God and invoking His blessings. It was composed in Sanskrit by Mayura Kavi, the court poet of Harsha Vardhana in the 7th Century A.D. The chanting or hearing of these verses, create potent vibrations which would fetch remedy for the diseases of any kind by the Sun god’s grace transmitted through his rays. Experienced ancestors and saints have recommended this hymn as one curing leprosy, eye diseases etc. The poet “Mayura” himself was relieved from his ailment. More than 15 commentaries of this hymn reveal its merit and efficacy. This hymn was very popular in Sri Lanka too. This hymn is judiciously couched in Sragdhara (Garlanding) metre and highly esteemed by the Sanskrit rhetoricians. It praises Surya as the supreme in the universe. It describes his rays, disc, chariot etc. “Arogyam Bhaskarat iccher” is the adage, which means that good health is sought from the sun. 

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