Rudraksha – Siva Stuti – Sanskrit Spiritual – Lord Shiva

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1. Siva Stuti
2. Hara Hara Shankara
3. Shiva Pratasmaranam
4. Siva Ashtottara Shatnamavali
5. Dvadasa Jyothir Lingam
6. Kalabhairava Ashtakam
7. Mrityunjaya Mantra
8. Sri Rudram
9. Daridraya Dahana Shiva Stotram
10. Shiva Gayatri
11. Ardhanaareswara Stotra
12. Sri Nataraja Thandava Stotram
Lord Shiva showers His blessings on devotees swiftly. He is known to act in their favour without delay (one of his divine names is Aashutosha — quickly pleased by devotions). And when he whose very name is Shiva (the auspicious — the traditional Sanskrit thesanurus brackets the word with Bhadram, Kalyanam, Mangalam, Shubham), showers his blessings on his devotees one can imagine their good fortune.

Like the deity in the sanctum, like life in the human being, Shiva is the truth revelaed in the Vedas. Uttering the names of Shiva and listening to the glory of Shiva as given out by great sages will undoubtedly lead one form victory to victory and from the mirages of phenomenal life to the Supreme Truth, that underlies it. All those giving ear to the mantras and chants of Shiva are freed from sins and are on the way to light and holiness. The Mandukya Upanishad which elaborates on the meaning of the supreme mystic syllable ‘Aum’, says it is ‘ Shantam, Shivam, Advaitam’, Dwelling on the great names of Shiva (Siva Ashottara Shatnamavali, Sri Rudram) and the names of the pilgrim centres of the 12 jyotirlingas, repeating powerful mantras like Mrityunjaya and Shiva Gayatri, giving ear to forceful hymns like the Kalabhairava and Daaridradahana (the latter is traditionally known to remove poverty) bring Lord Shiva’s blessings to the Sincere aspirant. Like the Rudraksha which instantly reminds one of Shiva, this album effectively brings the power and glory of Shiva. 

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