Saraswathi Gayathri Mantra – Sanskrit Spiritual

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The Gayatri Mantra is the most powerful mantra of the divine sages of India. It is considered to be the very essence of the eternal Vedas, in fact their very source. The mantra, which is also a prayer for establishing the divine rediance in one’s heart sia dynamo of power and heightening consciousness. India’s gift of a universal prayer to the whole world, it could also be the spark that will ignite a spiritual transformation beyond national boundaries. For its part, the Gayatri Mantra not only heightens the spiritual awareness of the aspirant but also brings health, mental vigour and prosperity. The Gayatri mantras connected with various deities give particular results and siddhis. The Gayatri addressed to Saraswati, the goddess of learning and wisdom, brings success in one’s studies and true wisdom. The constant sravana (attentive hearing) of the mantra as rendered by traditional pandits in this album will help you receive Saraswati’s blessings of knowledge and understanding. 

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