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Sanskrit is called the language of the gods (devabhasha) as it is based on the true and perfect relationship between sound and sense. It has been said that Sanskrit is not just a language but a power, ‘with every one of its vowels and consonants having a particular and inalienable force’ (Sri Aurobindo). Sages created divine hymns in Sanskrit to attune devotees to spiritual truths. The grand verse of the Isavasya Upanishad shows the way to all humanity the secret and meaning of life — ‘As everything is enveloped by God, enjoy life by giving up. Do not cover anything’. The wonderful vibrations of the Gayatri Mantra (defined as the chant that protects those who intone it) and the sonorous Vedic chants ‘Purusha Sookta’ makes you envision a divine world of beauty world of beauty and light. Chants to Hayagreeva (the horse-headed deity giving knowledge and mastery of action), Mrityunjaya (Siva’s aspect giving health and longevity), Dhanvantri (deity giving good health) and Mahalakshmi (goddess ensuring success and wealth) rendered by authentic Sanskrit pundits with accurate diction will enable you to enjoy the choicest blessings of these benign powers. ‘Secret Chants’ will open your life to the healing touch of divine mantras.
1. Gayathri Mantra
2. Isavasyam
3. Purusha Suktam
4. Hayagreeva Gayathri
5. Mrytunjaya Mantra
6. Dvadasa Jyotirlingam
7. Sarava Karyasiddhi (Valmiki Ramayana)
8. Dhanvantri Dhyanam
9. Dhanvantri Gayatri
10. Shyamala Dandakam
11. Sri Lakshmi Stotram
12. Sri Lakshmi Gayatri 

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