Shiva Mahima – Shivopasana – Sanskrit Spiritual

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1. Shiva Saharan (Lingapurana)
2. Shiva Mahima (Sutasamhita)
3. Aum Namah Shivaya
Lord Shiva, who is comprehensible through Vedas and Vedanta, manifest in the form of universe and all three gods, is the object of meditation and extolled by thousand names (Sahasranama). Prayer to him gives relief to the dumb in the form of speech, the deaf in the form auditory capacity, blind in the form of sight and lame in the form of ability to move about, exterminates all diseases, and burns away the sorrows of poverty. Lord

Shiva is the Creator, Preserver, and Destroyer. He is the ultimate Reality. He shows his darling of RAMA, having granted HIM all his Cherished desires.

There are II Shivasahasranamas available in ancient scriptures, but the following two are very important as they are sung by Lord Vishnu Himself in praise of Shiva. 

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