Shiva Stuthi on Sitar – Sanskrit

Shiva Sthuthi’s Benefits
For salvation from sins.
For acquiring desired wealth.
To be free from disease.
For a long life.
For peace in the family.
For becoming popular.
To attain fortune and prosperity
To prevent a premature and painful death.
To get cured from incurable diseases
To neutralize the ill effects of planets.
To eliminate the sorrow due to relative’s death.
Re-employment if dismissed from a job.
Regaining Prosperity if business is liquidated.
Removal of problems If there are obstacles in business.
To prevent premature death.
To get cured from incurable disease..
For a long and healthy life and to get cured from many diseases like epilepsy, tuberculosis, uterus-related diseases, piles, hemorrhage, etc.
To achieve wealth and prosperity.
For students, to acquire knowledge, and wealth.
Desire for a son.

On Sitar Played by Shri. Siva Ramakrishna Rao – Sitarist and Composer

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