Shiva Stuthi – Sanskrit Spiritual – Lord Shiva

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1. Pratasmarana Sthothram
2. Dvadasa Jyothlinga Sthothram
3. Daridraya Dahanasiva Sthothram
4. Ardhanareeswara Sthothram
5. Samba Natanam (Padanjali)
6. Siva Manasa Pooja Mantram
7. Parameswara Matrukavarnamala Sthuthi
8. Mrityunjayashtakam
9. Sada Siva Sthothram
10. Parmeswara Sthothram
11. Sivashtakam
12. Pasupathyashtakam
13. Siva Bujanga Sthothram
14. Sivapradha ksamapana Sthothram
15. Dakshinamurthi Sthothram
16. Sivanama
Lord Nataraja or Natesa is an attribute of Lord Shiva; His enthralling Cosmic Dance
“Ananda Thandavam” is a symbol of the rhythm of existence, the never dynamic process of creation and destruction –the ever-changing evolution. He is worshipped in as representing the five elements earth, water, fire, wind and ether. Chidambaram is unique in that. He is the first and foremost God of all Arts and Sciences. He has four arms: One right hand holds the “damaru”, symbol of creation through the primordial sound: in one of the left hands, the purifying fire, symbol of transformation; the other right hand makes the reassuring gesture; the other left hand, the protecting gesture; his left foot, lifted up, evokes liberation and salvation; his right foor crushes the demon of ignorance and evil. The lotus pedestal on which the image rests locates this universe in the heart or Consciousness of each person. Prayers to Lord Nataraja bestows the power the power-to compose poems, to shine in Music and Dance fields, to circumvent competitors in the field, to escape evil thoughts from any quarters and to attain prosperity, Peace and Pleasure!

Hence, for the benefit of our listeners this divine capsule in the form of Compact Disc contains Sri Natesa Gayathri & Dhyana, Sri Nataraja Sahasranaman, Sri Chidambaresa Stuti, Sri Chidambaram Pancharathnasthavam, Sri Natarajapathi Maduhrashtakam, Sri Natarajatandavam, Sri Chidambrashtakam, Sri Nateshtakam, Sri Nataraja Karnaranjanam and Sri Nataraja Mangalam.

These are presented in the traditional tunes by Prof.Dr.R.Thangarajan the Head of the Post graduate and Research Dept of Sanskrit, Presidency College, Chennai with his team Sri P.S.Raghuraman, Sri Malokakannan, and Sri Bhaktavatsalam, guided by the famous music Director Sri V.R.Manikkavinayakam. 

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