Sri Amba Navamanimala – Shakti – Sanskrit Spiritual

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1. Soundaryalahari Verse
2. Sri Durga Pratasmaranam
3. Sri Lalitha Ashottaram
4. Ashtalakshmi Stotram
5. Meenakshi Pancharatnam
6. Sri Varalakshmi
7. Sri Lakshmi Gayatri
8. Devi Bhujangam
9. Pratyangira Sahasranamam
10. Sri Amba Navamanimala
11. Shri Mata Shiva
12. Shyamala Gayathri & Dhyanam
13. Mangalam
Shakti is the creative female energy of God that makes you powerful and creative. As Mother of the Universe, Shakti is infinite power and spells energy and dynamism for her devotees. The very first verse in this album, which is the first saundaryalahari (waves of Beauty) of Sri Adi Sankara, when chanted as laid down, destroys all obstacles and confers victory in all endeavors. The contemplation of Durga, Lalitha and Ashtalakshmi as given in the verses here brings triumph and auspiciousness. The recitation of Lakshmi Gayatri assures wealth in all ways. The pratyanagara Mantras ward off all hindrances. Shyamala Gayatri brings knowledge and wisdom. The Annapoorna hymn paves the way for the loving grace of the diety. Presented by Sanskrit Scholars and expert musicians, this album is a divine key to acquire the blessings of the Divine Mother. 

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