Sri Kuberalakshmi Pooja – Sanskrit Spiritual

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1. Sri Lakshmi Gayathri and Sri Lakshmi Mantram
2. Poorvanga Vigneshwara Pooja
3. Kalasa Pooja, Ganta Pooja, Pita Pooja, Mathrunga Pooja
4. Navagraha Devata Pooja
5. Lokapala Pooja
6. Dhanaakarshana Lakshmi Kubera Pooja
Sri Lakshmi Kubera Pooja is performed for (Ishwarya Abhivriddhi) attaining wealth and prosperity. Lakshmi is the goddess, fortune, power and beauty without grace Lakshmi, our toil is of no avail.

Kubera is Dhanapati, the Lord of riches, the guardian of the north and is associated with all the treasures of the earth that life underground. He possesses the Aerial chariot, According to mythology even the richest of Gods Lord Venkateswara is paying till to day only the interest for the loan he borrowed from Kubera. Even the great emperor Raghu the ancestor of Rama secured the riches from him. Lalskmi Pooja is performed differently in different parts of India. There is a custom to worship Lakshmi and Kubera together probably to get the doubled benefits. Traditional practices in the line of devotion are valuable as they are already tested and accepted as being the fruit without fail.

Hence, for the benefits of devotes this divine capsule in the form of Compact Disc contains Sri Lakshmi Gayathri and Mahalakshmi Moola Mantra, Poorvanga Vigneswara Pooja essentially performed for the sake of the completion of the main Pooja without any obstacle Kalasa, Ghanta and Pitha Pooja Navagraha Pooja, Lokapala Pooja etc, followed by the Main Kubera Lakshmi Pooja.

This Pooja programme is done with devotion in the tradional manner as taught by our ancient preceptors by Prof.R.Thiagarajan, Head of the PG and Research Department of Sanskrit Presidency College, Chennai along with his team Sri.P.S.Raghuraman, Sri Malokakannan and Sri Bhaktavatchalam, with the technical support of the famous Music Director Mr.V.R.Manikkavinayagam.

SUPER AUDIO (MADRAS) PVT LTD. feels proud to place this presentation for all the devotees to enjoy a prosperous and peaceful life by performing the Pooja listening to the direction through audio by the competent Guru! 

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