Sri Lakshmi Narayana Hrydayam – Sanskrit Spiritual

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1. Sri Narayana Hrdaya Nyasam
2. Dhyana
3. Prarthana
4. Sri Lakshmi Hrdaya Nyasam
5. Sri Lakshmi Hrdayam with Dhyana Slokas and Bija Mantras
Sri Lakshmi and Narayana Hrdayas are the Mantras as well as Stotras from Atharva Rahasya. “Lakshmi Hrdaya” invokes Goddess Lakshmi for conferring her choicest blessings, her stable stay with her consort Lord Vishnu in the home of her devotees where these two stotras are either chanted or heard. “Sri Narayana Hrdaya” is the glorification and the prayer to the Supreme Being Narayana. It is acclaimed as an accomplisher of all desires and a remedy to the mental and physical problems. The chanting of therse Hrdayas of Lakhsmi and Narayana together is said to have a very powerful effect for devotees.

The above are melodiously chanted in spiritual tunes, by mrs.Prema Rangarajan, with perfect diction under the guidance and supervision of Dr.R.Thiagarajan, the HOD of MR.Manikkavinagama, the Music Director. 

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