Sri Lalitha Upasana – Prathasmaranam – Sanskrit Spiritual

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1. Sri Lalitha Gayathri
2. Sri Guru Paduka Panchakastavam
3. Sri Devi Kadakamala Namavalli
4. Sri Paduka Panchakastavam
5. Sri Lalitha Prathasmaranam
6. Sri Lalitha Trisathi Namavalli
7. Sri Lalitha Shauna Prarthana
Lalitha Mahatripurasundari is the central goddess to the Sri Vidya tradition the (School of Auspicious Wisdom”. Within the Sri Vidya tradition, the listing of names is often central, as these names are the deity’s mantras (sublte forms of the deity). Lalita has 15 attendants, the Nitya Devis. She resides in three nadi-s (nerve channels), namely sushhumnaa, pingalaa and idaa. She is the ruler of the three Shaktis-ichchaa (will), jnana (knowledge) and kriyaa (action). She pervades all the three words-heaven, earth and the nether world. She is the controller of all the three bodies-sthula (gross), suukshhma (subtle), and karaka (causal). She is the self which is present trough the three states of existence-jaagrat (walking), svapna (dream) and sushhupti (deep sleep). Though she is above all guna-s, she pervades the three modes of energy-sativa (purity), rajas (mobility) and tamas (inertia). Brahmanda –purana extols the Goddess Lalitha as the savior of the world Lalitha trishati in which 300 names of the goddess is featured. Adi Shankaraachaarya has written a commentary for this. Lalitha trishati is important like Lalitha sahasranaama. Agastya told Hayagriva that thought he has heard about Sri Chakra upaasana and the Lalitha sahasranaama but he lacks the satisfaction of knowing all the secrets. Lord Hayagriva advised Agastya that the worship of the goddess will achieve the purpose of life, gives liberation from bondage, very easily and taught the secret Lalitha trishati.

Since the recitation of “Trisati” is conspired important, this Compact Disc is specially produced within the following recitations — Sri Lalitha Gayathri, Sri Guru Paduka Panchakastavam, Sri Devi Kadakamala Namavalli, Sri Paduka Panacharatnastavam, Sri Lalitha Prathasmaranam, Sri Lalitha Trisathi Namavalli and Sri Lalitha Shauna Prathana.

These mantras are recited in the traditional tunes by Prof.R.Thiagarjan, the Head of the PG and research Dept. of Sanskrit Presidency College, and Chennai along with his team, Dr.L.Sampath Kumar, Sri.K.Malolakannan, Sri.Bhaktavastsalam, Sri Sivarajan and Srimati Usha Viswanath. 

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