Sri Pratyangira Sahasranamam – Sanskrit Spiritual

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1. Pratyangira Mantras
2. Pratyangira Sahasranama Stotras
Pratyangira is a most powerful female deity also called as the Atharvana Bhadrakaali. She is worshipped for thwarting away evils and to get rid of evil spells cast by the enemies and the enmical forces. Whenever the demonic forces overpower the divine forces in the world, this Goddess Pratyangira’s help is sought after even by the Gods. She is represented as the wife of Sarabha. Her form is terrific and hence. She is named as ugra. The Secret of the worship of this deity is understood and many temples are consecrated nowadays.

The Upasana of Pratyangira bestows many powers such as conquering of enemies, winning over legal matters, bestows strong health, stable wealth etc., apart from giving ultimate salvation 

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