Sri Sarabeswara Sahasranamam – Sanskrit Spiritual

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1. Sarabha Gayatri
2. Sarabheshwara Sahasranamam
3. Sarabheshwara Ashtakam
The Divine power is unlimited. Yet, the combat between the demonic forces exist in the Universe from the time immemorial. Each force is powerful and devours the other. When the demonic forces become dominant and the existing forces become helpless to veto the opposite, the infinite power emerges automatically and empowers the divine forces with the supply of superior powers to tackle the situation. Mantra symbolizes this phenomenon. Sarabha Mantra is one such symbol.

When the egoistic Demon Hiranyaksha committed atrocities, Lord Vishnu took the incarnation of the terrific Narasimha (Lion-Man) with more divine powers and destroyed the demon. But, the powers enormously held by Narasimha were not exhausted and as a result he started destroying all creations. When no power could meet out Narasimha, Lord Shiva incarnated as Sarabha a combination of a terrific animal, a bird and a man, with sharp nails, teeth, two wings, eight legs etc and brought Narasimha under control. Sarabha’s two wings are represented as his wives Pratyangra and Saalini, tow shakiti’s who assisted him to stultify Narasimha. Such an incarnation of Siva, as Sarabha when prayed from bestows strength, vigour and the power to nullify the enmical force in our daily life.

To facilitate the aspirants, this Compact Disc contains the very rare and powerful sarabha gayatri sarabheshwara sahasranamam and sarabheswara ashtakam, being recited in a divine traditional tune, by Dr. R.Thiagarajan, prof. of Sanskrit Presidency College along With his team Sri Malolakannan, Sri Umapathy and Srimathi Usha Viswanath. 

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