Sri Shyamala Sahasranamam – Sanskrit Spiritual

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1. Sri Shyamala Gayatri
2. Sri Shyamala Sahasranama
3. Sri Matangi Stotra
Mantras or sacred mystic syllables when repeated often produce the results as prayed for. Invocations or prayers for repetition to different deities depending upon our wish and longing, were identified by our ancestors. One such prayer is directed towards Shyamala, a manifestation of Shakit. She is the prime counselor for the Parasakthi or the embodiment of Supreme energy.

She represents the Buddhi Tatva and activates our mind. She is symbolically represented as the Sugarcane in the hands of Parasakthi. Her energy is centered upon Meenakshi at Madurai. Without the help of Shyamala, it is impossible to go near the supreme Shakti. She is the presiding deity of music. She is also called Matangi. People engaged in Administration, Beurocrats, Musicians, Educationist, Artist, and in short, all those who want to become creative genius, must worship her. In order to facilitate the above aspirants; this Compact Disc contains Sri Shyamala Gayatri, Sri Shyamala Sahasranama and Sri Matangi Stotra.

These are chanted in the spiritual tune by Dr.R.Thiagarajan, the HOD of Sanskrit, Presidency College, Chennai, along with his team Sri Malokakannan, Sri Bhaktavasalam and Mrs.Usha Viswanath, under the supervision of the Music Director, Mr.Manika Vinayagam. 

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