Sri Varahi Sahasranamam – Varahi Gayatri – Sanskrit Spiritual

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1. Varahi Gayatri
2. Varahi Sahasranamam
Prayers to Divine powers, always removes hurdles and facilitates achievement. But, an aspirant must choose the deity and prayers depending upon his wish and need. The deity Varahi is conceived as the Commander in Chief of the Supreme Parasakthi. Her permission is necessary to approach the Parasakthi. She represents Chaitanya Tattva. She is the activator of our physical senses. She is symbolically represented as the flower arrows in the hands of Parasakthi. Her form is personified as Akhilandeswari in Thiruvanaikaval. Those who are meditating upon Varahi achieve the fruit of “Viswaroopa Darsana”. She is also called Dandini. She is the giver of shape to all our thoughts and directs towards successful action. Her face is depicted as a pig for some mystic reason. She is also said to be the Aungraha Shakit of Sadasiva. Meditation upon Her thwarts all hindrances enemies’ apart form giving physical and mental strength to face any kind of difficult situation. Success is at hand for those who get over the problems.

These are chanted in the spiritual tune by Dr.R.Thiagarajan, the HOD of Sanskrit, Presidency College, Chennai, along with his team Sri Malokakannan, Sri Bhaktavasalam and Mrs.Usha Viswanath, under the supervision of the Music Director, Mr.Manika Vinayagam. 

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