Surya Namaskara Mantras – Sanskrit Spiritual

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The sun is meditated to secure concentration for the wandering and ever restless mind. To achieve this certain mantras or incantations are prescribed. Strict observance of this custom of SURYANAMASKARAM would confer on the performer a good vision. It is told that light is knowledge and darkness is ignorance. So this performance of Suryanamaskaram is capable of bestowing supreme knowledge. Sun is a permanent source of energy and the force behind all beings in the cosmos. “Arogyan Bhaskaradicchet” is the Sanskrit adage. There are Mantras in the Vedas to worship the Sun God. Worship of the sun through “The Suryanamaskaram” is the combination of Yoga and Mantra therapies. It is an ancient method still followed by many as highly effective. Our ancestors practiced the bodily exercises Chanting Surya Mantras and prostrating at dawn facing the sun, derived the sound health, vitality, spiritual uplift wealth and prosperity, apart from rejuvenating the body and mind with great energy and strength. It is a scientifically proven fact that Suryanamaskaram can bring about great relaxation the muscular and nervous system. 

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