Valmikis Sundara Kandam – Sarava Karyasiddhi – Sanskrit Spiritual

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1. Angelina Pradaana
2. Sri Ramapattabhishekam
3. Sarvakaarya siddhi
The repeated reading of Valmiki’s Ramayana and especially the Sundara Kaanda is considered to be sacred. It bestows enormous powers to the reader and listener. It is common to any sect. The Ramayana contains the mystic syllables. It is an expository of Vedic Mantras. It is also studded with the letters of Gayathri mantra and many other incantations. The reading of certain sargas or cantos in Sundara and yuddhakaanda has been carried on form the days of yore for some specific advantage and relief apart from the mental solace one gets after listening or reading it. The select and the most efficacious portions in the whole of Ramayana are Anguliya Pradaana sarga (Sundara Kaanda- 36th canto) Sarvakaarya Siddhi sera (Sundarakaanda -41st canto) and Sri Ramapattabhisheka Sarga (Yuddha Kaanda -131st canto). Hence, in this C.D these sargas are devotionally recited by the traditional Pandit Thanjavur S.Radhakrishna Sasthrigal.

The Uma samhita, Skanda and a few other Purina’s praise highly of the efficacy of the repeated reading of the Ramayana, and the former text confirms that the reading even the Diseases which defy treatment will be cured. Longevity will result there form. Enmity from every quarter will vanish. Family problems will cease. Fear of premature death will disappear. Debts will be liquidated. All undertakings will be successful. Extraordinary powers would descend. And Sri Rama will shower his mercy and kindness. According to the pattabisheka sarga recited in this, the man who reads or hears is freed from sin; he is blessed with children; conquers the earth and dominates his enemies; Women give birth to long lived sons; the read gets long life; overcomes all trials and tribulation; reunited form the separated partners; and gets the desired boons 

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