Vinayak – Sri Ganapathi Atharva Seersho Upanishadh – Sanskrit

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Title: Vinayak
Album Ref Number: SA VCD 5001
BAR CODE: 823524050012

Lord Ganapati is a powerful and popular God. He is worshipped in Temple’s shires and in hours. His grace is sought while making any auspicious beginning of any endeavor. He is called Vigheshwara, the Lord of and destroyer of obstacles. People mostly worship Him asking far siddhi, success in undertakings, and buddhi, intelligence. He is also the God of education, knowledge and wisdom, literature, and the fine arts, in reality. He is Brahman. Ganapati represents the mystic symbol “OM” (AUM). Ganapati worship was popularized even by Adi Shankara.

Here are some prayers seeking favours from ganapati through he divine language, Sanskrit. This Compact Disc comprise of Sri Ganapati Gayatri, Ganapati pratsmaranam, Ganapati Suprabatham, Sir Ganesha kavacham, Ganesha Ashtakam , Ganesha Navarnaya Stuti, Ganesha Shodasanamani, Sri Ganesha Mantra Sharavali Stotram Shankatanashana Stotram sri Mayureswara Ganapati Stotram, Sri Ganapati Runahara Stotram, Sri Ganayakashtakam, Sri Santaana Ganapati Stotram, Sri Duhkha Mashaka Ganesa Stotram, Visvasaara Tantra Mahaganesh Kavacham. Trilokyamohana Mahaganesha Kavacham. Sri Mahaganapati Taalam, Sri Ganapati Atharva Seershopanishad, Ganapati Dhyanani, Sri Ganesa pancharatnam, Sri Ganapati Hrudayam and Sri Managanapati Mangalam.

By chanting these mantras, one can live peacefully, without any hindrance. He who wants to become a good orator should do “Abhishekam’ to Lord Vinayaka with this mantra. A man in need should perform Homa by durva (A kind of grass). A man seeking good memory and reputation should do Homa with puffed paddy. He who desires prosperity should perform Homa with 1000 modakha. He who performs Ganapathy Homa with ghee and samit (a kind of branch of tree) will get everything he desires. During Solar eclipse if one recites these mantra in the bank of a holy river or in front of an idol of Ganapathy, the mantra will become “sidha” to him. After that he will not face any hindrance and all his sins will be washed off. All his desires will be fulfilled. This is what of Veda and Upanishad say.
If any one is running Ketu dasa or bhukti or there is some dosha of Ketu in the horoscope, he can perform Ganapathy Homa and get-relief.

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