Zodiac Signs – Rishaba Rasi – Taurus – Sanskrit

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Those whose moon sign is Rishabha (Taurus) come under the influence of planet Venus (who stands for the arts and the finer enjoyments of life). They are those born under the Krithika (second, third and fourth quarters), Rohini and Mrigasheersha (first two quarters) constellations. The worship of Venus (the presiding planet), Lakshmi (who is the underlying deity of Venus), Karthikeya (who has a close connection with the constellation Krithika), Agni (in charge of the same star), Brahma and Chandra (who energise Rohini and Mrigasheersha) and Krishna (the poorna avatar who was bron in Rohini) will confer great benefits. Take in the divine vibrations of the mantras and chants in this album to experience the blessings of the deities who rule your destiny.
1. Shurka Gayatri and Kavacham
2. Lakshmi Gayatri
3. Subramanya Gayatri
4. Om Arunachaleswaraya Namaha
5. Agni Gayatri
6. Brahma Gayatri
7. Krishnavatara
8. Krishna Gayatri
9. Gopala Vimshati
10. Gopika Geetham
11. Chandra Gayatri and Kavacham 

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