Zodiac Signs – Simha Rasi – Leo – Sanskrit

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Those whose moon sign is Simha (Leo) come under the influence of the Sun (who stands, among other things, for brilliance, valour and excellence in education). They are those born under the Magha, Purvaphalguni (Pooram) and Uttaraphalguni (Uttaram — first quarter) constellations. The worship of Gayatri (which is addressed to the Sun, the Presiding Planet), Shukra (who activates the star Magha), Parvathi (who energises Purvaphalguni), Surya (who presides over Uttaraphalguni), and Shiva (who is the deity underlying the Sun), will confer great benefits. Take in the divine vibrations of the mantras and chants in this album to experience the blessings of the deities who rule your destiny.
1. Gayatri Mantra
2. Rashmivarnanam
3. Shukra Gayatri
4. Shukra Kavacham
5. Sri Lalith Ashtottaram
6. Parvati Gayatri
7. Shiva Gayatri
8. Suryanarayana Stuti
9. Surya Mangalam 

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