Zodiac Signs Thula Rasi Libra Sanskrit

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Those whose moon sign is Thula (Libra) come under the influence of planet Venus (who stands for the arts and the finer enjoyments of life). They are those born under the Chitra (third and fourth quartere), Swati and Vishakha (first three quarters) constellations. The worship of Venus (the Presiding Planet), Lakshmi (who is the underlying deity of Venus), Vayu (who energises the star Swati), Karthikeya (who is associated with Chitra and activates Vishakha), Hanuman, Narasimha and Sudarshana, deities associated with the stars occurring in this sign will confer great benefits. Take in the divine vibrations of the mantras and chants in this album to experience the blessings of the deities who rule your destiny.
1. Shukra Gayatri and Kavacham
2. Lakshmi Gayatri
3. Kuja Gayatri and Kavacham
4. Bhu Suktham
5. Vayu Gayatri
6. Subrahmanya Gayatri
7. Hanumad Gayatri
8. Narasimha Ashtakam
9. Prahalada Chartiam
10. Sundarshana Ashtokam
11. Sundarshana Gayatri
12. Ashirvada Mant 

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