Arunachaleshwara Jyothi – Arunachalesha Sahasranama Dhyaana Slokam – Sanskrit

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Title: Arunachaleshwara Jyothi
Album Reference No: SA Vcd 5003
Bar Code: 823524050036

There is a Sanskrit saying “If one sees the Lord of Chidambaram, or if one takes birth at Tiruvarur, or If one dies in Kasi, one will surely attain Liberation, but by merely thinking of Arunachala, one gets this benefit” ‘Om Nama Sivaya’ is believed to be the most secret and powerful mantra. It is said One “Arunachaleswaraya Namah” has the equal power of one crore “Om Nama Sivaya”; Sri Arunachala (Lord Siva) is the Lord and master of the Universe. The universal spirit ever shining in a blissful glort, the Brahman beyond name and form, duality and distinction, who is in the form of fire “jyotir lingam”, burns all the sins of his creations. Arunachala hill in Tamil Nadu is the concrete form of Sri Arunachala, the Universal Lord. It’s that form of God that even our ordinary human eyes can perceive, Arunachala the hill and Arunachala the Lord are not different, For, the Arunachala, Hill itself is the biggest Siva Lingam in the world (Brahmanda Lingam) This spiritual reality has been experienced and endorsed by many Siddhas. The supreme Philosophical knowledge can easily be attained by anyone who sees or thinks the form of this hill.

Arunachala is the only holy place where the Lord gives eternally his Viswaraoopa Darshan.
It is the spiritual solution for everyone, irrespective of race, religion or nationality. Arunachala is truly the holy mountain. It is truly Siva himself! Meditation on the divine name or singing the divine names of Arunachala will fetch enormous spiritual powers.

The circumambulation of Arunachala hill or chanting his 1000 names Sahasranamavalli is said destroy the karma of ten million births. No other spiritual pursuit has this kind of power.
An Endless Echo of an incantation.

An incantation of ecstatic import echoes endlessly through out the city. This verified phrase of wisdom which glorifies lord is a holy utterance having the stamp and dignity of divinity, it yields a nourishment to the mind; it is sweet to the soul, and wholesome to the body. This line is cluster of words is the temple in which the soul of those chant is enshrined;
It has an immense power to

Refresh the mind and make truth flow the clearest into it

Nurses the sprit

Wakes the soul and

Wings it with sublime desire as fits it bespeak deity. When this Manthram of marvelous power is intoned with prayerful attitude it

Revives one’s being

Touches the root of the matter

Calls in one’s spirit

Composes his thought

Delights his ear

Recreates his mind.

Exhilarates his soul

Lord Annamalai appears to visionary souls in the form of conflagration attended with light and heat, but to an ordinary observer there is rocky hill in this place. The grandeur of this sthala: The Earth is composed of five elements namely Earth, Fire, Water, Air and Ether. The physical body of the throbbing life is also composed of these five elements.

There are are sacred spots (Pancha Bootha Sthalas ) of these five elements.
Of these five holy sthalas Thiruvannamalai is the Theju sthala. To think about Thiruvannamalai alone bestows liberation and this sthala naturally stands first. One can obtain salvation (Mukthi) by remaining in one’s place and thinking of Thiruvannamalai.

This Mukthi sthala spreads an expanse of 25 acres containing the temple of Lord Arunachala with tall towers piercing the sky. This shrine is famous not only in India but throughout the world.

Legends declare that those who pronounce the name of this sthala once, secure the bliss of repeating three crores of times the panchakshara (the Mantra of five words) and that not only those who visited and worshipped in this sthala, but also their descendents up to 21 generations will get liberation.

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