Chakra Kundalini Healing – Vishnu Ashtottaram – Sanskrit Spiritual

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1. Ganapati Gayatri
2. Vishnu Ashtottaram
3. Garuda Stuti
4. Rudra Gayatri (Sri Rudram)
5. Isa Upanishad
6. Nataraja Gayatri & Dhyanam & Nataraja Thandava Stuti
7. Omkara Dhyanam
8. Sri Guru Stuti
9. Dakshinamurthi Ashtakam
The life force of normal men and women lies dormant at the base of ths spine (the Muladhara chakra), and they see everything through the series of chakras, the subtle centres of energy. One can therefore imagine what will happen in the case of imbalance of the chakra. It is for this reason that the harmony of the chakras is important. The various chakras are presided over by deities and by meditating on them through apt mantras and hymns one can balance the chakras. Ganapati, the elephant-headed god who removes obstacles is to be meditated upon with the Ganapati Gayatri as presiding over the Mooladhara chakra at the base of the spine. The names of Vishnu and the hymn to Garuda, the white-necked kite that carries him, while contemplating the Swadishtana chakra at the root of the sexual organ give one the crucial balance with regard to the sexual drive. Rudra Gayatri (Manipuraka, the navel chakra), Isavasya Upanishad (Anahata, heart centre), Nataraja Gayatri and Thandava (at Vishudhi, throat chakra — the seat of the ether principle,) Omkara Dhyanam (at Ajna, third eye chakra which takes one beyond the realms of mind into pure awareness) and Guru and Dakshinamurthi hymns (at the thousand petalled lotus of illumination in the crown of the head), gradually expand the horizons of human consciousness to the divine level. Vibrate to the rhythms of the chakra deities and make for a harmonious success in life. 

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